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Never thought I would ever fall for it, but recently I've been regularly reading  LADIES BLOGS. Yes i know, it's weird.  
I've been knowing besosyfotos for a while now. Sometimes the snapshots are a bit too girly/ neo hippish/ Williamsburg for my taste, but it regularly displays interesting pictures, with an atmosphere of its own. Below are 2 pictures from a recent selection from Laura Ingalls Sturges, the lady behind it all. Unfortunately it's not credited, but it shows this lady can definitely choose images.
There you'll also find a post related to fashion icon Iris Apfel ( see previous post), with a link to her interview in The Guardian,  and again, a good choice of chosen pictures : so, well done Madame Sturges.

Also very feminine in the mood, with a really strong identity is Ensuite, Clarisse Demory's blog. It's all about patterns, flowery interiors and pastel colours, but never soppy. Each post seems carefully thought of and still simple and intuitive. 
Miss Demory is also in charge of french brand Thomsen's blog, where today I found again my favorite & long lost Hunter S. Thompson's picture (no, he's not on it, see below). 
Clarisse has already been offered to blog for a big ready-to- wear brand, but it seems that more commercial project won't prevent her to stick to her very individual world.

© Hunter S. Thompson

K, Heidi.

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