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No one can beat Hans Peter Feldman in putting collected /found photos together and turning it in something funny, beautiful, ironic and sometimes just… not so interesting. But apart from Feldman, one often has the feeling that working with found photos very often seems like a first year art school student's project…I recentely re-bumped into two projects / publication based on found photos, and it's great. One of them is the work of KesselsKramer publishing (Nederlands). Co-founder Erik Kessels works in the communication field but also collects found photography, and i guess influenced the idea of most Kesselskramer publications, including Useful Photography magazine, based on edited found pictures.
Among them is the very good In almost evey pictures collection, based on collections of photos taken by people all along their lives, dedicated about the same subject (their wife, their dog, their passeport portraits…). The only fact that it’s a lifelong documentation, along with the weird obsessive side of it, makes it amazing.

In Almost Every Picture # 7, Shooting Gallery, is a one my favorite. It’s a chronological collection that started when a 16 year old Dutch girl picked up , for the first time a gun and shot at the target of a fairground shooting gallery. When the target was hit, it triggered the shutter of a camera, and the customer (& winner) was rewarded by a a portrait of him/herself in firing pose. The girl liked it so much she then came back almost every year to have her picture taken, from 1936 until present times, being 88 years old…

And also the "Before after" book,

All this and more KesselsKramer Publishing.

K, Heidi.

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