Doing the D*i*r*t*y job

People rejoice ! On May 25th, our dear (& nevertheless talented) friends from D-i-r-t-y / Alainfinkielkrautrock are about to release a new compilation. This time it's called "Dirty French Psychedelic" and is dedicated, as you might have guessed by its name, to french psyche pop, yes indeed.
As usual, it's chosen with impeccable taste : one is always happy to find a wild François de Roubaix on his way, along with a beautiful track from Dashiell Hedayat (still it's really ok if you don't understand the lyrics) and my favorite, "Be quiet" from Jean Jacques Dexter, that succeeds in conveying a trippy & still epic feeling. That tune can turn the austrian countryside into an alien planet, so guess what it could do to a summer night...

Tracklist + audio samples here (pswd dirty27)
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K, Heidi.

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